Best Home Security Apps for 2022

silver Android smartphoneSecuring your home is now easier than ever. After all, your phone can now control controls such as doorbell notifications, video surveillance, and door locks. Home security applications made by different manufacturers ensure our security in a smart, convenient, and hassle-free way.

There are two types of home security apps. First are those made by the security company themself, which are called proprietary apps. These are customized specifically for their products, which is why it works better with the different products offered by the company.

The other type of app is those under the company, which is highly compatible with many security products. It is an industry leader because of its fast updates, responsive application, and good customer reviews.

Knowing this information gives you more background about which application best suits your home security needs.

Our first choice – Vivint

Vivint is easily among the best choices for many simply because they offer one of the largest product selections. This includes high-quality security cameras, video doorbells, and others, and these are known for their excellent video resolution and smart person detection.

Pros – Has many features

Vivint is our first choice because its application has many features. Our favorite is their activity feed, designed to be easy to read yet detailed simultaneously. Here, viewing notifications is easy. Here, you can also create home schedules for lighting and door locking so that you’ll never forget to do so. These are made possible by the app’s use of the platform.

Next, you can feel more secure because of the features they made specifically for the family. Here, you can create accounts specifically for the members of your house. Through this, the content they receive is personalized.

Another highlight is their smart clip tool that creates short videos of important moments. This is important for viewing the suspicious activity of an intruder on your property, and you should be immediately notified. This can be viewed for up to 30 days.

The application is compatible with other intelligent home products aside from Vivint. This includes Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, and Philips. This allows you to control other crucial innovative home products mentioned by the companies.

Pros – Smart technology

teal LED panelOne of Vivint’s most ingenious features is its home sensor. It can tell you if there are many people inside it and if your air conditioning system is taking too much electricity.

Aside from this, they have one of the smartest AI assistants we’ve seen. Called Sky, it can adjust itself depending on your lifestyle and activities. Through this, its advice for you is to be more innovative.

Cons – Costly

One thing that many Vivint users know is that their fees can be high. To use the highly recommended smart home application control, you will have to pay $40 per month. They have additional payment for essential features like video coverage, other system cameras, and another fee when you have more than six cameras.

Because you would also have to pay for the equipment, the overall cost may be too high for some users. With these rates, you will have to compromise and make do with having fewer features if you are on a tight budget.

Our second choice – ADT

ADT is one of the most known companies in the USA, which is why many clients are already familiar with their products. With over 100 years of operation, they’ve continued modernizing their equipment to match the latest technology requirements. One of their innovations is the ADT Pulse/ADT Control application, which uses the platform to operate.

Pros – Good voice control feature

One of the best parts of the application is its voice control feature. Here, you can easily access your smart voice assistant to configure your security system and adjust the lighting in your home. You can talk to another person on the other end of your camera system. It helps that ADT cameras have one of the crispest audio systems we’ve seen.

Pros – Good interface

Another thing we liked is the design of their interface, as it has a modern design that is pleasing to the eyes. Here, adjusting security controls is effortless, and the buttons are responsive, intuitively designed, and practical.

Here, you can receive quick notifications regarding opened doors and unlocked doors and watch live camera footage. Even better, you can sync it with your Apple Watch to immediately receive updates here. To lessen unnecessary updates, you can also create personal schedules for when the application will send updates to you.

Cons – Pricing and contract length

The biggest downside with ADT is its expensive rates. With them, you may be priced up to $63 per month, which is very costly. This is to avail of their complete video security and home automation tool, which is very useful for ensuring that you have maximum surveillance.

Aside from this, they have a long contract length that spans three years. While you can leave mid-contract, doing so is difficult given the lengthy amount of calls and paperwork you will have to do.

We also didn’t like that their ADT command application for the phone can only be accessed through the ADT Command Tier 1 Remote Access Plan. Priced at $52, this makes their home security less accessible for those on a tight budget. After all, the application is vital for making security tools more accessible for you.

The good news is that they offer multiple tiers for their plans. For example, their Essential plan is priced at $27.99. Aside from this, they have a long time allotted for their products’ trial period. For this, they are easy to talk to if you decide not to pursue their services anymore.

Our third choice – SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is one of the best choices because of its affordability and many features. The security system is notable for having a no-contract service system, which lessens the stress about spending more than what you need for them.

Pros – Professional monitoring

The best part about SimpliSafe is its professional monitoring. It has a proprietary system, meaning does not oversee it. This immediately notifies you in the presence of an intruder in your house and calls emergency services if you do not respond immediately. This makes you feel more comfortable that your home is consistently kept secure.

Pros – Abundant features

If there’s anything that sets SimpliSafe apart, their range of products is among the largest. They offer almost anything you need for home security, such as entry sensors, smoke detectors, video doorbells, and video cameras. Because of this, they are purchasing a plan for their home security application worth its price.

SimpliSafe’s system is beginner-friendly and designed to be installed with simple installation processes, so you won’t need to hire a professional. Once connected to the application, accessing the different features is easy.

One of its notable features is its smart integration with voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and more. It can also be connected to smart home systems like temperature, door locks, etc.

Pros – Has many packages

One of the best parts about SimpliSafe is that their equipment is priced in packages. You can save money while getting more equipment for your home’s safety. Its prices range from $250 to $500, and it can be compatible with small apartments up to the most significant homes. These packages include the Essential, The Hearth, and The Haven.

Cons – Limited plans

A downside with them is that they only have two professional monitoring plans. The better choice is the Interactive plan, priced at $27.99, which gives access to responsive emergency notifications, smart home support, and access to the mobile application.

While the Standard plan is cheaper at $17.99, its functions are minimal. Here, you won’t be given immediate notifications; instead, the best function you will have is the intruder alarm. Because of this, you are most likely to purchase their more expensive plan.

The best choice for us – Vivint

In the end, the best choice for us is Vivint. It has many features that make it well-integrated into many smart homes, and this is seen through its voice assistant, fast notifications, and advanced video coverage features.

Aside from this, professional installers can install the system for an affordable fee. They are also easy to contact if you are currently experiencing issues with your application.

Most importantly, Vivint’s home security equipment is among the best in the market, and this is seen in its security features, video quality, and durability.

With all of this, we highly recommend Vivint’s home security application.


Ultimately, all three of our entries stand out in their ways.

Overall, we like Vivint the best because it integrates well into current smart home systems. The application is easy to use and comes with many security features.

Next, ADT is a perfect choice because of its voice control features, and it is one of the few apps to allow you to control temperature and lighting with your voice assistant.

Lastly, SimpliSafe is excellent because it has many features that give you more home security. In addition, their services come in many packages, which allow you to have a lot of equipment with only a limited budget.

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