Ring Stick Up Cam Review & Use Guide

Ring Stick Up Cam fulfills all of the must-haves of a home security cam while having an affordable price tag. This is why it is a highly recommended product.

It is part of the third generation of entirely Wi-Fi-connected batteries. It stands out for its use of both battery and solar power, which makes it a better lifespan. In addition, they even offer a converting kit to transform battery-operated ones into others. The product’s battery life is remarkable because it can last for months.

The Ring Stick Up Cam has an average video quality that matches its price. It may occasionally have stutters and minor issues for continued use, but we didn’t find one significant enough to blur recording completely. In addition, it is intelligent for ensuring your neighbor’s privacy, lessening false alarms, and adjusting its time for detecting intruders on your property.

The product is easy to use because of its well-designed application that many users have come to know Ring for. Its interface is similar to that of Apple products, which is known for its simplistic yet minimalist approach. This makes it easy to access your videos, fix the camera settings, and adjust its capturing depending on your needs. Through this, you can see why many clients trust the company.

Ring Security Cameras

Amazon owns Ring, and they are known for their wide variety of offered security cameras. Their standout feature is their application interface which is easy to navigate even for amateur users. Here, you can easily navigate through different features and recorded content.

One of their standout creations is the Neighbors application. Here, you can connect with various users in the same neighborhood so that you can discuss your recent observations in the comfort of your own home.

The product that many know them for is the Ring Video doorbell which is a blend of a camera, motion sensor, speaker, and microphone. This makes it easy to see your visitors and ask them questions inside your home. In addition, it comes with the features of motion sensors, 1080p videos, low-light videos, and a doorbell chime.

When it comes to Ring Cameras, the best feature that makes them instantly a better choice is its integration with Amazon’s Alexa. This becomes an excellent addition for those who use Amazon products for their intelligent home setup.

Ring Stick Up Cam Review

What we like about Ring Stick Up Cams


What we like best about the Ring Stick Up cam is its affordability. It comes with a lot of variability in terms of included cameras, available at 1, 2, 3, and 4 included ones. Each one is priced at $100, and if you want a solar-powered option, you need to add $39.99.

You are given more flexibility regarding the setup that best fits your needs.


Like other Ring products, the Stick Up Cam has the design and feel of its other counterparts. It is entirely white and smooth to the touch. Its cylindrical shape makes it more resistant to water. Also, it improves the quality of its captured video.

It is relatively easy to install the unit, as it contains multiple mounting holes. Looking for a spot to install it either on your front porch or inside the home is a breeze. It has wall anchors and screws to make installing it more convenient.

Those using the battery-powered version need to press the switch at the back to swap the batteries. On the other hand, the unit has a long cord for its wired version, which makes it more convenient to use outdoors.

Overall, we didn’t find any issues with its installation or design. Do take note that its purely white design can make it easily smudged and dusty, especially during the spring and fall seasons.

If you only need to place it on a tabletop or another flat surface, you can leave it on top, as it has grips to make it secure.


The camera contains many features similar to that of the Ring Video doorbell. First, its camera lens has excellent coverage, with a wide angle of view, making you feel secure even with just one unit. This is partnered with a mic and a speaker so that you can talk to whoever is on your porch. It can also be used to emit a siren to keep intruders out of your property.

Notably, the camera is waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor use. Specifically, it has an IPX5 rating, allowing it to survive some exposure to gentle rains and temperature changes.

The unit’s cameras can last up to 3 months when fully charged. This is an excellent quality that makes it perfect for any home. However, note that this lifespan can be affected by factors such as how much you are recording, the motion it detects, and more.


One of the best aspects of Ring products is how easy it is to install. After all, the company’s focus is on the user’s convenience.

To install the unit, you must first charge the battery or plug its wire. You can connect it to the Ring application, which you can access using your phone. It uses a QR system so that the two devices can be instantly linked.

Once installed, you’ll have access to many features that make the camera highly customized, depending on your preference.

First, you can create schedules for when it will detect motions and trigger an alarm. In addition, you can choose specific motion zones in the camera’s field of view that you will use for detecting intruders. In this way, the camera won’t create false alarms. It is beneficial if you have pets in your home, which can be accidentally detected as intruders by the camera.


Ring Stick Up’s camera has an average video performance. It shows you all the critical content, and its color is mostly correct. Its night vision is also good enough to detect small details that may be useful when reviewing footage.

The camera has a subscription system for you to access your recorded videos, and it can be done either through your mobile browser or the application. For this, we found their rates affordable, at $3 per camera. Given Ring’s highly-accessible and streamlined application, we found it very easy to use for watching and browsing through our footage.

What we didn’t like about Ring Stick Up Cams

From what we’ve seen, a downside with the camera is that it sells a separate mounting kit if you want to install it on your ceiling. This makes it more challenging to install indoors, as simply placing it on a tabletop can make its view more limited compared to when it is on a corner of the ceiling.

Aside from this, we found its speaker sound to be a little too quiet. Because of this, you may have difficulties talking to someone using this.

Another downside is that the camera does not provide end-to-end encryption with its battery-powered version. This is because this technology takes more electricity. This also extends to the Privacy Zone feature. This can lessen your security, as encryption is vital for ensuring that your videos are more secure.

Overall thoughts

Overall, we found the camera an excellent choice because of its exclusive features, good video quality, and well-designed application. It can keep you safe because of its highly-valuable motion-detecting tool that can be adjusted to lessen false alarms. Ring’s user interface is a standout feature that makes the product friendly for those without much technical knowledge.


With all of this, we can recommend Ring Stick Up Cam. We advise getting the wired version for those who want better security encryption and more features. This assumes that its wire is long enough to access your power outlets.

The battery-powered and solar-powered versions are also suitable for those who want to place them farther from home. Its waterproof technology makes it compatible with them.

Ring Stick Up Cam is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a camera that is easy to use, has the necessary security features, and has a lot of power flexibility.

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